On Wednesday some of the Maker Faire team were in town and we met up at the NYSCI along with some Makers who wanted a walkthrough of the grounds, to take some measurements, place tents, see how the sun shades certain areas, and sort out other logistics like programming of time-based performances and events, figure out electrical needs and placement, etc. Super-fun day, and I think this was the visit where everyone could really start to see it coming together, because now we have our 400+ projects submitted and know better the size and scale of what we’re working with. The next two weeks will be intense, as this place will completely transform! I hope to have more time in the coming weeks to do these types of blogs, so everyone can really see this place change over time – for now this is what the NYSCI & the Maker Faire grounds look like:

the NYSCI recently installed some wonderful screens throughout the museum, currently displaying some Maker Faire promo pictures and information in anticipation of the event!

two interior shots in the NYSCI – lots of projects will be strewn throughout these areas!

Maker Faire founder Dale Dougherty giving one of his poignant speeches about the underpinning philosophies of how Makers interact with each other and how their projects become collaborations – their proximity and placement throughout the Faire are crucial to developing a sense of community and mutual maker-understanding!

Louise giving one of her signature gallops to show distance and fence line and to give a general impression of the layout of this area of the grounds.

taking a break under some shade with folk from the Madagascar Institute – discussing their chariot races, propane corral, and their carni-rides.

a model of the Swimming Cities “Ocean of Blood” sculptural watercraft (on land!) project and the area where it will be placed!

another interior shot of the NYSCI – lots of electric and electronic and interactive project will go indoors here!