sziget scale 2

Today I will finally go pick up some foam material that I’ll be using to carve and cut little houses, buildings, tenement blocks, etc. for use in the summer installation BudapestNewYork at the Sziget Festival in Hungary. (see the little ‘extreme small’ silvery bits below for example) I need at least a thousand of these things, but being so small I can make them all really fast – these works will be installed in a primary diorama-type viewing window to give the impression of a city seen from the sky, before viewers advance on to the more-interactive installation. You can follow the progress of our documentation and discussion over on the project sziget blog-thing.

sziget scale notext
sziget scale text
sziget scale fun

And gave a quick glance at my web stats for June, and I broke 1,000 sessions for the first time, exactly a week ago today. Schweeet!