well, as soon as i get this blog thing online and rolling, now i’m going to have to take it down and move it. my current webhost is getting increasingly unreliable. there have been two hacks on the server i’m hosted on in three months – and that’s two that i know of, because they seriously effected my service.

the first hack was within a week after i got the Normal Space blog online, and that was just a few days before that first show. that hack seriously effected service, since the MySQL database was purged, and i lost some of my first blog entries. Now yesterday the server was hacked via the mod_rewrite script that some other website was running, which meant my site went down for a day, and a day when i had plans to get so much media and text online.

which prompted me to establish an account at a new host. i’ll be testing everything out on a dedicated IP, which is great, and as soon as the databases are back online, i’ll redirect the nameservers to my new host and hopefully everything will be fluid.

so if you don’t see any new posts here for a while, it’s being worked on, and one day you’ll refresh and there will be a bazillion new posts and video files and interactivity abound! yippie!