inside the Narkomfin

quick and easy article in the NYTimes published today reviews an exhibition of photographs by Richard Pare on currently at the MoMA. Pare’s photographs taken over a decade study some of the signature buildings built between 1922-1932, a time of quick architectural expansion and collapse (a bit like how my lungs feel after I eat too much peanut butter too quickly) after the Revolution, but also examine some of the more forgotten or abandoned buildings of the time, including a perennial favorite of mine, the Narkomfin Building (and a new favorite, that garage by Melnikov – see the Times slideshow).

I love the thought of the shelf of plastic kitsch, the various cloths and draperies with ornamental designs, the religious iconography, the paint chipping, all sort of nestled up inside this House of Constructivism. I hope Pare’s photographs reveal more of the Narkomfin’s interiors. Note to self: must see this exhibition!