an integral part of my studio practice is simply going about with my ordinary “everyday” activities and collecting bits of my activities as I go along, and turning those bits into work themselves. And I’ve always been amazed by the human body’s potential to digest, process and convert energy into activity; as well as the notion of consumption on a truly global scale: imagine the literally many millions cups of coffee drank every day, or the easy many many thousands of Dunkin’ Donuts coffees consumed daily, and the processing needed to fabricate, package and transport the cups and coffee, and the labor involved, the very real human labor. And I’m only one man. Still, that’s a shedload of dunkin’!

dunkin cups 1
dunkin cups 2
packing some materials away since I will be gone for most of August, and have to clean up. Will continue and finish off some of these works in September. Until then…

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