UPDATE: full photo set on my Flickr

Some complications on my blog server meant I didn’t get around to posting these images until now, but the moment is still valid as the Brucennial is on view until the 12th of April. Hell between now and then I plan to travel a couple thousand miles and telecommute around the globe many times over, all while plenty of art lives in a storefront on West Broadway – point is go see it if you’re near, it’ll be there. I wouldn’t say it’s worth going out of your way to go see, but then I don’t say that about much these days. Most art, especially these smorgasbord-style showcases to me are a dime a dozen. There’s a lot of artists and a lot more art out there than one person can ever know or see. That’s not to downplay the importance of the event or the art, because there are some really smart pieces in the show, and chances are in the next six weeks you’ll be near Canal and W. Broadway anyways, so just keep it on your radar and go see it! But these pictures are from the opening night.

Of course the other main reason to go to these events is the crowd. I go for my people, and to meet or see new people, and to experience the vibe. It’s less to me about the art (you never get to see it all anyways), and more about the sea of personalities and joy of us taking over a (temporary) space for a limited duration of time. So meet Man Bartlett, Marin Tockman and Ian Montgomery (our hearts are fluttering, btw):

Eventually it got so packed that those who arrived fashionably late got stuck out in the impending Snowicane blizzard-storm. And yeah, all the Miller High Life was gone by the time they did get in (about a 1 hour 30 minute line!).

Oh yeah, there were outdoor plen-air porta-potties. Brilliant! Here’s a view from inside one of the stalls (I can multi-task, as I was pissing at the same time):