My apologies. I’m well aware that as of late this weblog has become a bit insular. It’s made me think that I need some distinction or separation (maybe bad word there) between the ‘blog’ and all of my activities. I don’t want the blog to simply become a repost-depository of all the events i attend, shows i’m in, etc., but they’re also important to put out there. if i make another section of the weblog with these activities, then they never get posted on the front! thus the dilemma. but i am concerned about this, but also wanted to let you know about some activities this weekend, both of which i’m involved in:

HOMO BELLICUS is an exhibition of 20-odd artists being held at PARISLONDONNEWYORK, 285 Kent Ave btw. S 1st & S 2nd, Williamsburg, Brooklyn; this show will only run from Friday night through Sunday which is very short-lived I know, but if you get a chance you should swing by and see it. The reception on Friday will be from 7pm-?; weekend hours Sat. & Sun. are 12pm-5pm.
The press release of sorts reads:

At the core of any exhibition there is a question and its potential answer – this 3-day exhibition is conceived as a query, seeking to inspire a dialogue about the grounds on which war is currently being discussed. In the hope of avoiding the seemingly jammed rhetoric of the written word we ask in images; our concern is mankind’s disposition for violence, more specifically violence in its institutionalized form – as war.

All of the following artists are involved:

Huber.Huber * Jesper Nordahl * Bjoern Weide * Scott Wolfson * Anton Zolotov * Raphael Taylor * Gabriele Giulumetti * Pete Pezzimetti * Nick Normal * Marie-Eve Jetzer * Kerrie Downey * Mickey Barringer * Juliane Eirich * Imri Sandström * Mille Rude * Etosha Terryll * Karen McDermott * Nikko Sedgwick * David Adamo * Pamela Rosenkranz * Gabriel Guerena * Mikala Hyldig Dal * Marie Kølbæk Iversen

homo bellicus invitation

La Superette is a great annual DIY arts fair… oh who am i kidding, they say it best on their website:

La Superette is an annual event, an art sale held usually around the holiday season in December. We organize a temporary store where artists sell functional art in multiples at affordable prices. In addition to the sale we usually schedule musical performances as well as puppet shows, and video screenings to run throughout the day.

La Superette 2006

So swing by Eyebeam, where La Superette is being held this year, for a chance to pick up some of my work. I rarely make or have work that can be sold in this fashion anyhow, so I’m interested to see responses to it. I’ll be there for a good portion of the day, meeting up with several groups of friends. Hope to see you there.