Happy Winter Everyone!

for us northern hemisphere folk, today is our Winter Solstice! the longest night, and the point at which our planet begins its process of tipping back in favor of our sun!

the actual date is somewhat arbitrary, but it’s a great (pagan) occasion to celebrate! Remember, a couple million miles closer to the sun and we might not have a Winter! further away, we might be stuck in a permanent ice age! one way or the other we might be without life as we know it!

93 million miles is JUST RIGHT for tonight!

and on that note, I would like to present you all with an inspiring .gif – inspiring not only in the awesomeness of the message, in the inevitability of our planet being consumed by the very sun that has given it life, but also inspiring in reminding us of our mission to preserve our species, and in order to do this we must ‘not be consumed by our differences and beliefs’… oh just watch it! CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW!

the end by YTMND

[found on the Internets]