LOS ANGELES–The Star has learned exclusively that the voice cast of Futurama has just signed a new contract with Fox after weeks of intense salary negotiations.

As late as last week, the network was threatening to replace the original voices of Matt Groening’s cult-hit cartoon, to the point of actually announcing a casting call for voice actors to replace them.

The compromise agreement, with the studio paying more and the actors accepting less, comes after the announcement of a 26-episode pick-up here by Comedy Central. Futurama also airs internationally in syndication, has produced four bestselling straight-to-DVD movies (later cut into episodes) and an upcoming feature film.

A Fox spokesman, reacting to this story, insisted that only three of the cast have so far signed the deal, but later added that they expect to have the matter resolved by the end of the day.

via The Toronto Star, less than 30 minutes ago. 26 more episodes! I’m elated!