fresh-cheese-made-safelyAt the Cheese After Dark event a trifold flyer was distributed that included snapshot-directions for homemade Queso Fresco – the tagline is great: “Fresh Cheese Made Safely,” which includes a pictogram of two people hugging and a wedge cut out of a round of cheese. Love it!

I eventually found the flyer online, hosted on the Washington State University website – they were one of the three original sponsors of the flyer and program that developed the flyer. Now you can download it and print it out yourself for reference.

The flyer states,

This flyer was originally developed for the Abuela Grandmother project. Grandmothers taught this recipe for safely making fresh cheese to people in eastern Washington. The result was a rapid decrease in salmonella illness in Yakima County and surrounding areas of Washington State.

Thanks grandmothers!

(In my searches, this useful webpage hosted by the New Mexico State University also bubbled up – another state university promoting cheesemaking, interesting!)