At the beginning of every month I dump all the DCIMs (digital camera images) off my smartphone for backup and so if anything happens to the phone I don’t lose too much previous data. I then upload all the images I didn’t share on social or otherwise, here, for viewing.

I took markedly fewer smartphone photos for the month of April than possibly ever before. An indicator of moving still further away from that lens and to my RX100M4 when I want a good shot, but also frankly because of technical difficulties with the camera app in Android 6.0.1 – just turning the phone physically while preparing a shot crashes the app. I need to completely off-load the device, and re-install the OS and everything else – this time-suck means “I can’t be bothered” and I’m just not taking as many photos. (Also shame on you Google!)

I got an up-close look at one of these single-fork bicycles in the wild – I still don’t get this, other than its novelty. Didn’t get to chat with the rider.

Now this is a gripe, but c’mon MTA. On the one hand you tell subway riders, “There is no late-night M here, take the E instead” and then you tell them “There’s no E here some nights at all.” The two service advisories do overlap – so basically ‘no M or E, we hope you figure it out!’