(Crikey I’m bad at this. I began this ‘fonedump’ project just over a year ago, and now it’s been a year since I updated! Backstory: at the beginning of every month I dump all the data off my fone, including the previous month’s images and videos, so as to make room and lose as little as possible should anything happen to the tech. But I still like that data to be cloud/web-accessible.)

Not many pieces of media in this month’s fone dump – I’m primarily taking all images and video on my ‘actual’ camera, a Sony RX100 M4 (that viewfinder makes all the difference for wanting to take a nicely composed shot). But there are some gems in this pile:

There was also this encounter with the Marching Cobras drum line; seen in Harlem, the band players are all-boro:


And kudos if you can figure out what this handmade tool is for:



New Thai joint opened up in the hood, and the food is quite good and fresh (better than Arharn), and comes with a cute and delectable lil’ starter salad:



And lastly, I re-organized my sticker collection after ~10 years of them piling up in a box, and put them in this nice wooden tackle box I found (it’s hard to tell but there’s around 400 individual types of stickers in here):