What are you up to today?

First off there’s the all-day Intel & Vice collabo Creators Project. And by all-day I mean 2pm-2am!

Film screenings, graffiti walls, DIY satellites, Spike Jonze, eyewriters and installations galore, this is the event to be at today… alllllll day! Did I mention that Die Antwoord are playing!? If you don’t know who I’m talking about then check out this ZEF SIDE post I threw up back in February about 4 minutes before they went viral. I mean they went viral to the point where when I saw people the next day or week, we would both start singing that butterfly-samurai chorus, and know what the hell each other were talking about! Meanwhile, anyone around me or us had no clue. So this is a big exciting moment for me to finally get to see The Answer… to what? Fuck it man!

If that’s not your thing but gelatinous molds are, you’re in luck!

Sponsored by some great organizations including MAKE, CRAFT and core77 – don’t forget Jell-O itself! – this annual event is taking place at the superbly awesome Gowanus Studio Space from 6-10pm and will feature a juried panel deciding the most hot-shit jell-o molds based on criteria not purely aesthetic but also structural/sculptural ingenuity and culinary “appeal” – how subjective! Electro-DJs and jell-o shots are also expected.

And if that’s not enough there’s a HAM radio party taking place from 8pm-1am at the new NYC Resistor space:

I haven’t been to the new space yet, and I’m really itching to pay a visit – Die Antwoord go on stage at 10:30pm so I’m trying to think if I can actually leave the Creators Project before 6, see the Jell-O event, bike back to Union Square to see Die Antwoord, then leave for the HAM radio party. … ? ! … !?@)$)O$J#!!! Just another day in the life of…