I’m not generally a braggard but I am pretty damned happy with myself that I got to see the premier NYC performance by South Africa’s own Die Antwoord. What’s that stand for? The Answer. The answer to what? Whatever man… fuck it!

A ninja, a hooded-masked DJ and a butterfly with the weirdest haircut ever. If that’s their “answer” then you should be even more confused now! And they put on a SICK and RAWKUS show, totally high-octane from start to finish. It’s unfortunate how many people left the room after their first full song, their Enter the Ninja anthem whose catchy chorus combined with wtf-visuals made them an instant YouTube phenom some months back, whose viral numbers now stand at over 2.1 million views. And I’m personally responsible for watching that video on about 3,000 computers. But like I say some people left, maybe they simply couldn’t handle Zef Side. I mean shit got rowdy: