BPNY day 5 x 1
BPNY day 5 x 2

This island is fucking transforming I tell you! It’s amazing how much infrastructure they’ve built here and how many pavilions have been constructed in such a short span! Oh, and that humongous 12-storey tall structure across the way from us, that’s a zip line to the other side of the festival! No shit! You go up, way up, then grab a zip line that will carry you several hundred feet and nearly to the terra firma, over the heads of the crowd enjoying a concert below! This place is fucking nuts!

BPNY day 5 x 3

On our installation front, not too much activity today. Got in late thanks to my roomies busting into my room at 5am, laughing and piling on top of me – that’s love for ya! Spent most of the day installing small detail work and fabricating the two town buildings that are supposed to be some future contemporary art museum in Budapest (the MEO perhaps? link to old NYTimes article) – can’t remember exactly. Also did several tests and only just before leaving figured out how to fabricate the skyways and pedestrian sky-tunnels and walkways around the city, using another odd foam material that’s slightly pliable and can be twisted between building structures.

How many days do we have left?

Day 5 Flick set