after being late by some people’s standards yesterday, I was the first to arrive this morning, having just learned the transport route last night and acquiring my two week travel pass earlier today. I arrived sometime before 9:30am. It was nice to be all alone in the tent, the silence, the tools abandoned, the dust settled.

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And ready to stir it all up again!

Today was a ‘big push’ day of sorts. Lots of new projects got devised, old ones got solved and a few leaps really happened! Emma arrived today, she’s an ex-Fluxer; she was a big help in re-fabricating the chain bridge for the diorama. Previously it was just held together with… fishing string? The bridge and model itself was a good idea but it wasn’t well constructed. I acquired some tiny jeweler’s chain and suggested that be the suspension, in an elegant V from tower to tower. The Frenchies who drove all the way from Paris made enormous progress on the facade of the tent, creating a high-contrast Constructivisty design using nothing but gaffers tape!; Ian and Adrian started designing and framing out the mezzanine-cafe-balcony-thing that people can pay a premium to experience (in addition to getting an ear-full from Morgan for an hour they’ll get certain views of the installation only experienced from the upper deck). And pretty major progress was made fabricating the ride cars, which will not simply be minimalist wood-frames but decked out with trim and picture frames I think we acquired from that film studio mentioned earlier. Regardless, they look hot!

it was a big push not only for us too. It seemed like in two-minutes flat just across the way from our tent many shirtless men had constructed this multi-multi-multi storied tall scaffolding thing, which none of us are sure yet what it’s for:

Work ended quite early, but for all the right reasons. We got invited to dinner! And this would likely be the only chance that we would all get to dine with each other, so it was really quite special.

BPNY day 4 x 7

A great restaurant quite near to my apartment, the owner prepared all of the food for us himself, and you can tell he poured his heart and soul into it. We started with some bread and appetizers, including this delicious ball of something that included egg and garlic and some sort of pastey goodness that held it all together, as well as serving a shot of brandy with shriveled prune! INTENSE! then we moved to the main course which for the vegetarian in me only included the portion of some delicious dish that was sort of like a pasta without the pasta or a curry and included some peppers which I don’t think I’ve ever had before, onions, garlic, and tomatoes, soaked up with more bread. we concluded with dessert which offered us a flat sugary dough with ground poppy seeds and I think honey, as well as some tarts and jam.

Afterwards we proceeded, already stumbling (and still close to my apartment thankfully, since I had forgotten my travelpass), to some rooftop bar. The weather was perfect, one never needed a coat but there was a constant breeze. And after I was jostled once the Hungarian crew learned of my lineage and inquired about my sobriquet, I was introduced to Unicum, which I had never heard of and so had never tasted. It is delicious! A unique and overwhelming nasal-clearing type of drink, but as Jakab, the director of the Hungarian Cultural Center so aptly put it, “It’s in your blood!”

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