A bike-in movie night presented by Band of Bicycles – here’s the FB event link if you want to RSVP.

Here are the event deets – I like how everything now is in proximity to “Brooklyn” – like “New York” or the other boroughs don’t count anymore!

The closest drive in movie theater to Brooklyn is like 4 hours away.

So we are going to make one.

Bike Stylie

We will be showing: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure!
Live Music From:
Dan Friel (Parts and Labor)’
Band Of Bicycles
Lame Drivers
Ocean Swell
DJ Keili

All $ goes to help fund the arts program we have set up at a local school.

We got $2 beers

We got bike blended smoothies

We got girls on roller skates selling candy.

We got it all.

Be there and if you got extra art supplies you can donate to the kids, bring um though!!!