(copied + pasted from the email I sent to my mates (in NYC) because I’m too exhausted – and lazy – to think of something new to write. All the information is here:)

In a round-a-boot way I have a piece in a show opening up this Friday, 6 April (8-10pm), at Tastes Like Chicken, a gallery in Brooklyn I haven’t been to yet but have been hearing good things about.


My piece is actually included in the work by Lance Wakeling, who through our collaborations has become a good friend of mine. Lance’s work in this show straddles the line of producer or curator as artist; his piece hails under the title ‘art mini’, and details of it can be found online:

I hope you can make it out. Details below:

One Pill Makes You Small opening
@ Tastes Like Chicken
300 Morgan Avenue
Friday, 6 April, 8-10pm

Directions and Hours are online: http://www.tasteslikechickenartspace.com/Directions%20and%20Hours.html

(ps – I will get there after 9pm as I am working late that night! ciao ciao!!)

love, Nick Normal