spider-manweek banner

At the end of this month ‘Spider-Man Week in NYC’ begins throughout… NYC?

this street banner is located near the Steinway Street R subway (whose Queen’s termination is Forest Hills, where Peter Parker LIVES! note: the event website even says this!)

spider-manweek map of events

However examination of the said website offers a map, a map that shows more events taking place throughout Brooklyn than Queens, with NO events located in Forest Hills (which would be a genius PR move), and of course the absolute fucking bulk of events taking place throughout the increasingly tourist-infested Manhattan neighborhoods. But only a few events south of Houston, most of them are taking place up the Broadway-axis to the southern edge of Central Park, with a few others scattered about.

Does this mean Peter Parker, the ageless wonder I have adored for years past, has forgotten about the borough we both love? Nooooo, rather, you proceed to tease me by being ” Back in Black ” (written by my man J. Michael Straczynski of Babylon 5 acclaim!), taunting me with those… mmmm… big… black… musclesHEY I WAS GONNA WEAR MY SPIDEY THERMAL SOCKS UNTIL THE RELEASE BUT NO MORE!

YOU FORGOT ABOUT ME! (I’ll see you on 5 May. squeek.)