I can actually figure out what it all stands for: Played, Wins, Draws, Losses, Goals scored (F), Goals conceded (A), Goal difference and Points (with 3 points for a Win, 1 for a Draw, 0 for a Loss).

However, what do F and A stand for? I had to look at some match statistics to deduce that F meant Goals Scored (their 6-1 and 4-1 wins add up). And how is GD a useful stat in determining the validity or potency of a team? i.e. Stoke City is 1-1-1 but they have a -2 GD, while Birmingham is also 1-1-1 but has a GD of 0. How would their identical W-D-L score be offset by their different GD numbers? I’m trying to better understand this ranking system. Thanks!

Oh yeah, Go Gunners!