It seems all I have the time for lately is to collect for days on end loads of visual baggage and then offload it here for bots, feedreaders and humans alike to enjoy, I hope.

I don’t think the organization or juxtaposition of any of these images or tidbits of text make any sense, but then again life itself is a pretty uncohesive experience. why one day was I standing above a model of the city I live in thinking about a bike trip I took two months back, then finding myself documenting instances of green-n-yellow all over the city? who knows.

either way, have at it.

Socrates Sculpture Movie Park:

I really really recommend watching a movie in the park. Socrates Sculpture Park has a pretty fab summer schedule.

Watched the Korean film “The Host” with my matey Martina. Great movie. The park experience was the real delight though: we sat quite close to the front. The film progressed through dusk into nightfall, and after the credits we stood up and turned around to a park-at-capacity! Easily over 1,000 people! Which made the walk home (about 30 mins) a delight, surrounded by fellow Queens residents.

Matthew Barneyparty:

Matthew Barney threw some noise-core shindig in his Long Island City studio. Great space, and the evening included some spontaneous performances including this one of some tranny getting holed up in a portapotty while some guy in a suit siphoned the stall with such strength that it tipped over (I and everybody else in the crowd quickly ran away at that point!).

afterwards the DSNY workers uprighted the stall,

Alarms Loud:

alarm of storage building going off in background. a crane-truck passes by. some guy walking on the street. no other activity. big buildings in the background. desolate surroundings otherwise. this is Queens!

this is Queens (random photos):

warehouses, kids on bikes, stretch limo, man w/o shirt leaning on stretch.

south end of Flushing-Meadows Corona Park

in Flushing

Flushing Mall, asian-style marketplace

in Corona I think.

in Flushing, 7 train in middleground with Shea Stadium in far background (see below).

zoom in of picture above.

Green-N-Yellow around town:

Panoramic models:

A recent trip to the Queens Museum had me walking above their New York City Panorama. I’ve been to see the Panorama over a dozen times now, but this time I had a new familiarity with some areas of Queens that I hadn’t before, notably this area of Neponsit, Bell Harbor and Rockaway Park that I biked to the last week of May (over two months back). The thoughts of that bike trip were still fresh in my head (see houses below).

(the houses below are from the area above in the model)

(from my bike trip Flickr set)