Regarding Mitt Romney’s fake Twitter followers. Let’s take a look at a recent, as in 3-days old, tweet by the ol’ Willard:

First off, let me emphasize, this Romney tweet is THREE DAYS OLD. The Obama twitter account tweets every day, at least once, sometimes dozens of times, heck sometimes multiple times per hour (see image below). Why? Because that’s how you build momentum! If no one on the Romney campaign understands this, then they don’t understand social media, then they’ve already lost that sphere of voters. You’re NOT going to ‘rally the social troops’ in under 100 days if you haven’t already begun.

Second, you can copy the shortlink to your address bar, add a “+” on the end, hit Enter, and find out that Romney is actually using to process their links, and therefore the link statistics are public.

Third, consider that Romney’s followers are NOT fake, let’s be clear: 1,011 retweets, accounting for a total of 1,307 clicks (including my own), from a pool of 864,420 followers, is pathetic. That’s 0.00151% traction. That means NO ONE IS LISTENING!

Of course Obama’s tweets are self-hosted & private, so the metrics can’t be compared. But I think it’s safe to say that publishing a Presidential tweet every 3 days is not how you energize your base online.