(Originally drafted 2014-12-12 after attending an event in Ridgewood, Queens)

The default zoom level of your destination and surrounding area doesn’t indicate the names of any of the surrounding streets, or even the damn street you’re meant to walk/bike/drive down and turn onto. W!T!F?


To illustrate (see image below), the two main roads in question (the one I’m ‘coming from’ and the one I want to ‘turn onto’ – I’m walking by the way) are highlighted in green; neither of these roads’ names are visible at this level. Down the road I want to travel on, the first road I would pass (on my left) is also un-named (highlighted in yellow). Past my destination, the “you’ve gone too far, turn around” road is also un-named (highlighted in blue).


Useless. These images are made from 6 screenshots stitched together, so you can imagine at this zoom level, only being able to look at your ‘you are here’ marker is even worse, because you can’t see the names of the streets that are listed (Woodbine, Putnam, Cornelia, etc.). To get the name of the road you are on you have to zoom in so close you can’t even see the name of the streets two or three intersections away, to plan for the actual address you’re looking for.

Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu USELESS!