I know I should be posting my “art” online more often. I often gloss over the process of scanning and resizing and uploading and tagging because there’s only so much time. But this drawing is especially meaningful to me if for no other reason than I think it’s a really good drawing! I also had a really nice discussion at Heathers with some Turkish bird whose name I can’t remember right now – has a C and an O in it – about the accessibility and immediacy of drawing. Which was nice because the conversation emerged after I made this drawing, in a sketchbook in my pocket, and my mind was already buzzing around these very ideas: about how an artist can be anywhere at anytime and drawing is always at their dispose. Including sitting at the bar by one’s lonesome, surrounded by young hip people – all it takes is pen and paper. I plan on donating this drawing to Heathers the next time I’m in the East Village, so if you happen to be there (everybody goes there at least once I reckon) give it an ogle, and salivate as I did over this Whisky at Heathers (Maker’s Mark, Neat), pen on paper, 2010.