In the blink of an eye the World Cup final is upon us. ¡Viva España! I say. They’re both exciting teams up to this point – and what’s really exciting is that neither of them have won a World Cup before – which means one of those two countries will become still only the 8th country since 1930 to win the coveted trophy, and joining England and France as the only countries to win once. With the last World Cup final being played between Italy and France, with Germany taking 3rd place against Portugal, and this time the final being played between Holland and Spain, with Germany having just defeated Uruguay, this signals a return of the dominance of European football, which many Latin/South American bloggers and journalists are hush-hush about – since a South American team has won the Cup every other time since 1962, this will be the longest drought in their history since Italy won twice in ’34 and ’38. Just sayin’.