Hello 2011. I’m certain most party-goers will say their party was the best, so instead of arguing I will say that if you were at W&B Airlines you definitely would have had fun on the evening of December 31st, 2010. Because of the exactitude of New Year’s – the striking of a clock on a single second – the doors held people at bay until 10pm and by 10:01pm the place was absolutely bumping! It didn’t take but 3 minutes before the Macau Casino – where I was working – had their first visitor and from then until past 2am it was a mad-house of gamblers testing their luck (don’t worry, we gave them fake money free of charge). We had Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold ’em and my specialty, Cee-lo – which I have an uncanny ability to throw good dice at (probably comes from years of Epic and Warhammer 40K role playing, among other games).

But anyways I love seeing spaces transform. I love seeing an installation or an environment get built, and then seeing the public flood and fill the space only to change its meaning, or what I had perceived of it – in that sense I love to be proven wrong! I love working behind the scenes and seeing energies exhausted to transform a space, all for someone else’s enjoyment, someone you most likely will never meet. And I love how the crowd came prepared, with an overwhelming percentage dressed up, costumed, and in character! The two before & during shots I was actually able to snap off (again I was throwing dice for about 5 hours!) show the dance floor (above) and the main hall (below) – they speak for themsleves. For more close-up shots of punters check out Gabi Porter’s metromix article and photos here. I’m sure many more photos will emerge in the coming weeks – people are still recovering!

other notable shots:

the Macau Casino, an interactive installation designed by Orien, Angie, Mark and others – the Casino is the main element, and sometimes there is also a trivia station, and other forms of live casino-like entertainment (wrestling, security bouncers, etc.)

I was walking through the crowd when this lady flew down from the sky to have a quick word with her associate, then she twirled herself back up into the air! That was awesome.

and Tara McManus with one of her glow-hoops – you’ll find many slow-shutter photos of her at every event, and she’s a wonderful performer.