The company offering a trip to the Bahamas in exchange for a 90-second survey is back; they called me this morning.

My call came from 646-847-4918. They did the same scam from another company some years ago, with some people even reporting back after going on the supposed cruise (the vessel described by one user as “an old tub [converted ferry]”). the Billfold have an extremely detailed write-up of the encounter.

How are these things just not outright illegal and shut down? I understand even 1-in-a-million could be bait-and-switched for this scam, and there are 300m people in the USA so that’s at least 300 suckers waiting to be taken advantage of, but how is the process still allowed? Judging from the Billfold’s article Shirley is some lady in the Carolinas just waiting for the opportunity to transcribe your bank account details.

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