continued work today in the studio fabricating buildings for the BPNY diorama for the upcoming project sziget (further reading here here here and here).

this stuff is slow-going, but I reckon the level of detail that can be achieved will make the work worthwhile. It’s a bit of a conundrum really. the diorama is and isn’t crucial to the overall project. it is because in a way it determines the placement of buildings and objects that will be engaged further on in our installation, but isn’t because it’s technically only supposed to be viewed for an approximate 15-20 seconds, not gawked at for endless minutes (like me once at the Filmmuseum in Frankfurt, Germany where I gawked for so long at a diorama used for the King Kong vs T-Rex scene in the original 1933 film that eventually a staff attendant came up to me to ask if I was okay!). But I find myself pouring in countless hours to these little buildings because there isn’t much else we can do on this end, since we can’t ship anything large, or anything at all really (anything going into the show has to fit in our luggage!). And since we can’t really design the rest of the layout until we get a majority of the diorama constructed, and I have nothing but time for this now, thus I am spending lots of time for something that will receive little viewing time.

sziget scale

I can only reckon that once the thing is installed, that aside from the 8 days the installation is up, we will only have photos and documentation to account for the work, thus the level of detail will hopefully heighten any reception of the work absent of the physical work. the Flux Factory isn’t very good at archiving its physical remnants from exhibitions, and I hope to retrieve my personal contributions to the diorama for making extended works, so again hopefully time and detail now will payoff later.


diorama sense of scale

the very very rough sense of scale we have going so far. This is probably around 33-35 sq. ft., with some room in the foreground and right side that you can’t see, and you can imagine with some buildings as small as my thumbnail, then we need a shedload of buildings!

all diorama-related photos up on my Flickr: Diorama Party