some of my housemates are out in the library right now watching (yes, our tv is in our library) The Ruling Class, which just in my passings I would rate higher than a 7.6 (I will watch it before the DVD returns to the Netflix depot). And while the meat of this post has nothing to do with that film, its title reminded me of something I heard in passing recently, about the upper upper Echelon. as the super-rich, as they’re called, surge in numbers, and even the middle class find themselves ‘duped’, it turns out that these days the crust on top actually refer to lesser crusts as ‘affluent’ internally understood to be a derogatory term. Fascinating.

This only reinforces why I’m happy that I’ve never aspired to be a part of that class. I can’t imagine how they treat each other in the more-crucial bits of their existence: their family, loved ones in sick health, friends in distress, children! Me, I’ll stick to egg salad and cucumber sandwiches for the next several weeks while I scrounge and save money for confirmation Europe.

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