nearly two weeks ago now i briefly mentioned the ‘art mini’ exhibition happening what would then-be the following day, and the day before my sickness took hold. finally catching up, to follow up, all went well at the opening. like i also mentioned, I’ve been hearing good things about this space, Tastes Like Chicken. I tend to think I’m in with a good crowd, and when you hear good things they tend to be reliable. Tastes Like Chicken was no disappointment: the space was really intriguing, the crowd fun to be with, and the work was pretty darned good. As always, rumours circulate: some suspect the couple that run the place also live there, and might be evicted or choose to leave soon, due to the increasing development in nearby neighborhoods. However also rumoured with a friend, perhaps things in this area are actually starting to slow down, and hopefully that will allow Tastes Like Chicken to stay and develop the coop a bit. They already seem to have developed a pretty good fan base.

It was great to finally see Lance Wakeling exhibit his ‘art mini’ piece, which includes work by me, in it. This particular installation, in fact, included the work of 32 artists, and its display finally sealed in Lance’s position as Director and Intern of the art mini artwork. I really think Lance’s work was the best-in-show, which is odd, since it’s a piece about exhibition display and the art fair, so really it was more like the-show-best-in-show. Here are photos from the opening:

onepill1 lance installation

onepill2 installation

onepill3 installation work

onepill4 crowd

onepill5 my work in lances work

onepill6 me and minicloud

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