I’m at awe with Ninja Theory. Not only did they produce an all-time favorite game (a no-list Top 10 contender) in Senua’s Sacrifice, they’re releasing a sequel game later this year and for their launch event they had … a panel discussion. About mental health. And psychosis in particular. I mean who does that? Well, Ninja Theory does. (I’ve never worked for a game company, but everything this company does makes me want to transplant industries stat!) Even their panel discussion doesn’t start off with boasts about themselves or your typical game trailer design – it begins with a CPFT Peer Support Worker who himself has psychosis. Someone who draws you into his story and builds parallel empathy with Senua, a virtual character. (Again, who does that?!) There’s then a lecture that touches on psychiatry, neuroscience, and video games. And then a panel discussion about the intersection/s of all of those things. 

Journey into Senua’s mind in this special live event co-hosted by Ninja Theory and Cambridge Neuroscience. We will bring together perspectives from those who have suffered the distress and stigma of psychosis, from those who study and treat it and from the Ninja Theory developers who have worked to represent it in the game.

Needless to say I’m hyped for Senua’s sequel in a way I haven’t been excited about a video game in a very, very long time.