I just sent off my answers for a Q&A requested of me by Karen D’Amico, whom I studied with in London. My answers will be published in Karen’s forthcoming issue #8 of her art zine, Tangent, on the theme of ‘metropolis’.

I didn’t know until I read over on Karen’s blog that this issue will be launched at the upcoming 2006 Publish And Be Damned fair in Shoreditch, East London. That makes me feel kind of warm ‘n’ fuzzy inside.

I’m going to re-post Karen’s questions here. But if you want to know what my responses were, you’ll just have to pick yourself up a copy.

when did you first know you wanted to be an artist?

can you remember your first piece of work?

smartest thing you ever did in terms of your art practice?

worst mistake in terms of your art practice?

best / worst bit about being an artist?

any heroes or villains?

you’ve lived and worked in London and now New York. any major differences in terms of contemporary art practice?

best and worst bits of living in a metropolis?

What shows have you seen recently?

Any words of wisdom for emerging artists?

p.s. – Karen’s zine ROCKS!!!