I can’t even recall where I left off to be honest. Some of this stuff might even go as far back as the end of May, I don’t have a clue. I can’t keep up with my own life it seems, let alone keep up with documenting it appropriately anymore!

Hopefully it’ll all make sense eventually. Here we go!

Ziggurat Dismantled

Finally took it all apart. My first piece of architecture, it weathered the elements for nearly three months. Next time I will build it 10x as big! Watch its birth here.

this is Queens

clicks to larger image. Condos on the right; debris all around; Citibank tower in the background. this is Queens these days.

this is also Queens:

warehouses on one block with joined two-story homes on the next. new bike lanes and wide roads, front yards with statuettes and pine trees, old school antennas, power lines that still criss-cross the streets, what’s not to love about this place?


my work productivity increased exponentially with the construction and implementation of this head-top device. I no longer needed a keyboard or even the confines of speech, as I could simply “beam” my thoughts to humans and machines alike.


the new Yankee Stadium looks gorgeous, it really does. can’t wait to see the interior.

Boy that was a good day! And to think they intentionally walked two others to get to Miles. suckers!

A swing n a miss!


Even though Croatia lost, I still flew their flag outside my window. They really were the most-exciting team to watch up until their defeat, and have one of the best color schemes and patterns around. Next time hopefully De Silva will be healthy.

Mermaid Day Parade

Finally got a Saturday off and got to watch the Mermaid Day Parade. To be honest it was a bit of a flop. The coordination was a bit haphazard, I guess that’s to be expected but there were times where the space between performers was nearly the length of the boardwalk, making the parade feel disjointed and lonely. Still, there were highlights of good costumes and color:

Rode the Wonder Wheel with Angie. Swinging style!

Just imagine, soon this will all be condominiums!! I CANT WAIT… barf!

My buddies came by for a visit:

So glad we have a new neighborhood dog walker!

I love how the smallest pooch won’t have nothing to do with a leash. Kinda reminds me of myself in those regards.

And beyond

There’s more. Plenty more. Trying to organize it all. Have started packing up in preparation for eventually getting kicked out by the MTA and having to move house. Which has thrown my art production into a complete tailspin of late. Plus after Amelia’s passing I got a sore throat from internalizing all of my grief, that lasted over a week, and made me realize how susceptible my own body was to external pressures and how we can make ourselves sick, quite literally.

Amber is coming to town soon. That’s exciting.

I need to go for a walk.