First and foremost, Love Family. After getting picked up by The Dude at the airport here’s me with my sis (thanks Mom for taking this #selfie!).


I met Autumn from Upcycle Exchange on South Grand Blvd. She recently had an issue regarding an event she used to organize in O’Fallon (IL) go viral – read more about #Glittergate.


Had a spontaneous snack o’clock with Ashley at Lulu’s Local Eatery on South Grand Blvd.


These two cuties – can’t get enough of ’em. Sorry Atticus but you’re still a cutie to me! But man how much you’ve grown (you too Delphi!).

And thanks to you both for the finger puppets!


Go to see Syna So Pro perform at the second installment of DorkbotSTL (yay, Dorkbot!). Syna So Pro – aka Syrhea – is “a one woman musical enigma” using looping stations, pedals, and a Cold War Russian-era (stomp?) box thing for effects; and magic. Here’s a video of Syna So Pro performing in Katie Miller’s now-defunct Scarlett Garnet store:

Here’s another video to watch if you’re so inclined, and you can hear a lot more tunes over on bandcamp.


Also, LEON showed up to DorkbotSTL! Yayyy!!


Finally met Jeff from STL-Style on Cherokee Street. Also pictured is Max aka Maxy Glamour who produces drag events at the Crack Fox club in Downtown; it’s good to know drag and “dark music culture” haven’t escaped the Lou after all these years away.


Brunch-n-much – or just coffee – with the ‘rents at Restituo.

Meanwhile outside Rusty and Chelsea from Chalk Riot are beginning a sidewalk chalk drawing:



I met Ruth while at Rooster for Pecha Kucha and subsequently swung by her gallery on Wisconsin Avenue off Cherokee Street. The gallery is housed in a beautiful mid-19th c. brick building which I’ll show in the upcoming architecture tour-post of the Lou; and the works she had on display by Raleigh Gardiner were effing excellent!


Lucy with her mini-me version, Lux (great name for a great kid).


A “you had to be there” moment but… yeah, you had to be there. Cooper was running around with this foam hammer yelling “I am Thor!” and when I took a picture this happened!

Unbelievable… Could it be? Is he really?


Chin-Beardâ„¢ creature spotted in his native habitat, a “game store,” at Rarity Games on South Kingshighway.

The store is pretty sparse but the folks are super friendly and can order anything you want, or teach you anything you want to learn in the world of games, from cards to Warhammer and beyond. Emphasis on Warhammer! Also, WARHAMMER! They’re seriously serious about tabletop wargames.



Steve pouring drinks at CBGB. Dang I miss this place and people like him around town.