Other art on display at Lambert International Airport in St. Louis near the C Gates disembark zone – in addition to Alicia LaChance’s excellent floor piece – include an 8’x51′ multi-panel mural of Black Americans in Flight by Spencer Taylor and Solomon Thurman, and an exhibition of robots and parts in the Lambert Gallery.

The Black Americans in Flight panels are superbly painted, and rich with history, spanning 1917 until the late 1980s. This set on Flickr include some great wide shots I couldn’t achieve with the glass panels in front of the mural, along with some excellent in-progress shots from the early 1980s showing the artists at work!

The panels wryly include a portrait of Harry S. Truman, whom any POTUS historian or Missouri native will note is the only POTUS from that state to achieve the high office; in my mind he’ll always be remembered as the man who dropped Little Boy and Fat Man on the Japanese, a most-difficult decision indeed:

And robots because, c’mon, ROBOTS! A sign on view says “See more robots at City Museum” but I can’t actually find any information on the City Museum website; the sign claims an exhibition is on view through August 9th. I like the image that shows a “heavy duty watering set” – because ROBOTS!