some Youtubeified videos of some of the subtleties of life, from clouds and cats to rain, trains and trams are a pair, but Napalm Death stands out of the bunch.

Presented in no particular order:

Ed’s ginger cat. Yes that is a meow right at the very beginning. This kitty is nearly-19, still going strong resting up on a chair that it can still jump up to/down from. Unfortunately while in London, the cat also fell ill, with some liver issues. I hope she gets well, 20 would be remarkable.

En route to London Stansted from Pula, Croatia, on a Ryanair flight. England was well-overcast and cold, so the clouds are pretty flat and grey, and low.

It really knows how to rain in Budapest. I think it has something to do with the hills of Buda, which in this shot were just behind me really. This was shot from the steps of that mall right across from Betthyany ter. I was about 100m away when the first drops started falling. I booked it for the steps! The rain fell, HARD, for around 30 minutes. Then it broke entirely and the sun shone strong all day! It was a good day!

One of the most-interesting things I saw on this trip, at Moscow Square in Buda, the trams pull up and unload, but instead of merely reversing to go back on route, like most other trams, this one has a circle track around this little statue park place.

Old-school stype flippy notice board, not digital display. Around 30 seconds an announcement goes over the PA. Brilliant!

NAPALM DEATH! at Sziget 2007! shot from the rear of the Hammerworld stage. Needless to say the tent was packed! This 4:15 clip presents nearly 2 songs.