Over a year ago the conversation finally started to emerge in mainstream media about the ridiculous notion of the NFL operating as a non-profit entity:

Which at the time was concurrent with the conversations around the NFL’s desire to cover-up all unwanted PR, particularly as it related to misogynist players beating their wives while others were denied equal status for being homosexual:

All of which at the time made me drop a few thoughts:

Nothing special there, but the longer I sat on the idea, I began to wonder how to weave in a read of the NFL’s non-profit status and acronym specifically with other words and thoughts:

This isn’t a read of which sport is the best or your or my favorite to watch. The NFL is a problem. Not the game, the NFL. The organization. They’re in crisis mode. Beginning some time ago and over the next few seasons whatever emerges from their organizational impulses will no longer reflect the values the NFL was founded on and which guided them to national prominence (and ultimately, profit, which they’re now singularly guided by).

Lastly, become an adult about the draft:

“because when you discover there are no other adults in the room, that the commissioners and the boxing organizations and the leagues are the money-hungry children, then by process of elimination, you have to become the adult. And we, the reluctant adults, we have to draw a line.”