There are some new buildings in the Dutch Kills area of Long Island City. These aren’t them all, but they continue my documentation of a neighborhood changing before my eyes. I’m not averse to the construction outright, because it’s ultimately bringing more and better resources to the area, and is probably one of the reasons why the Plaza is being redesigned and heavily upgraded – with as much money being poured into it as some Manhattan neighborhoods, which says something. Sure some of the buildings are complete eyesores, and I often wonder “who would want to live there?” – like in the building above, which pops up off the block completely unaware of its surrounding environment – like it was flown in from another country and accidentally forgot about. But like the grey building below (2 shots, front and rear), I’m not really bothered by that building – it seems to blend well with its adjacent brick building, and looks like it has a giant accessible roof with 360 views – if anything I want to gain access to some of these buildings for their views!