with all the new snow outside I’m going to start with a sledding video, and also comment that this is WHY DOGS RULE! Cats simply don’t have the gusto to compete with this:

60 second Fight Club – not only does it summarize the movie adaptation, but the characters are also spot-on!

the BBC’s upcoming web-exclusive series. this … looks … AWESOME:

camera strapped – looking at the shooter – to a traditional Korean archer’s arrow:

then this white dude made a ‘wide angle’ video response – I like the Korean guy more!

I’d love to see this kid in a battle with the next video stars:

him versus them:

and yes, they are a “them” because, oh I’m not going to get into a critique about Palin Fatigue

meanwhile, in Capitalist Russia… I love how fearless these dudes are:

this one has been making the rounds – it’s long, but it’s really worth it, it’s LSD research conducted in the 1950s, and caught on film:

parrot dubstep dancing (if you’re reading, this one’s for you Shalin!):

Ketchup Race … GO!


most things about NYC tourism are pretty trite. but every now and then you stumble upon something, someone, a group or an act, that really is a gem. I haven’t seen these fellas but I can imagine it’s a good time:

and lastly, last year at the World Maker Faire I curated Dan Perrone’s Uokahd (tapelake) sculpture into the exhibition, and many kids and even young adults where completely baffled by the use of audio tape – if there wasn’t a screen attached they couldn’t comprehend it. They definitely couldn’t understand how the tape had audio on “both sides” or how magnetism was employed – now watch these kids in Montreal (sorry, it’s in French) get baffled by floppy disks, even gameboys (ARE WE THAT OLD?):

which is funny because a couple days ago I got a free ZIP DRIVE at a tech-swap – I still have 15 or so zip disks that I’m trying to get the data off them! Unfortunately the drive is malfunctioning, so I’ll have to wait another 11 years to find a working drive – at least I can try and turn this drive into a marionette!