Obama’s Kenyan relatives, including his step-grandmother Sarah Obama (center top), party in Kogelo village, Kenya, after his victory.

Teachers and students at Obama’s old primary school in Jakarta, Indonesia, react to the win. This man has global reach!

NY voting machine (left – which I used) and Ohio (right)

Frenchie supporters, waving American flags, wearing Obama buttons, taped signs to back. Could you ever imagine this type of support for Bush, or McCain? or… anybody?

Bhutanese monks take a break at the Dechen Phodrang monastery to watch the election.

California is such a car-centric culture: drive-thru voting. Another reason I couldn’t live there. I was too enthused with the people-interaction of NY voting, which for me took place at a primary school in Woodside. So many people in the mess hall-turned-polling station, celebrating their right to vote and their hope for change.

Obama, Japan reacts to Obama’s victory.

(photos care of Time photo essays)