Just sitting down to enjoy my lunch under the tent outside the Scope fair. Going to give John Henry Blatter a call after lunch.

I’m eating a deli sandwich that I bought from some deli near Penn Station (my departure point). Lady at the luncheon cash register tells me I’m ‘smart’ for doing so (the sandwich wraps here are $11). Not so smart though, eh? I mean what’s the perfect accompaniment to a deli sandwich? Soda and a bag of crisps. And I just paid $3 and $2 for those, respectively. Bleh.

The copies of Daily Constitutional look great. I found them near the Silent Auction, on the magazine table. I thought D.C. would have a booth of sorts, but they don’t. This fair is arranged a little bit differently than most. Still, I hope to track down these geezers and offer them a drink.