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Install is The Flat Side of the Knife by Samara Golden and it’s exhibition #390 at PS1 on view now through September 7, 2015.

The Flat Side of the Knife combines physical spaces with illusory spaces that appear only in mirrors, reflecting what the artist refers to as “layers of consciousness,” akin to psychological and hallucinatory spaces in the mind. Her use of mirrors in conjunction with sculptural elements made from a silvery insulation board, known commercially as Rmax or Thermax, allows the illusion of space to expand in multiple directions; creating imaginary depth below the gallery floor, for instance, or suggesting adjacent rooms that do not actually exist.

Blah blah blah.

I’ve spent about 30+ minutes looking at this work from 3 angles and there’s continually new things to find in it and angles from which to see the same thing from. That’s awesome, and something few works of art do or are even capable of.

It’s on view for many months. You should go see it. It’s one of the better things on view at PS1 currently. My criticism of their other shows is impending.