Ankiel is back baby!

So I’m working on my laptop early morning style, sitting on the balcony (it’s the only place to get WiFi for some reason) and I left the television running on CNN because it’s the only English station (with Hungarian commercials) and I hear the ‘Play of the Day’ in “World Sport”. It’s Rick Ankiel of the St. Louis Cardinals! He went deep twice and made an amazing catch in the 8th (after his two homers, proving offensive and defensive maneuvers!).

Hopefully Ankiels’ return will give a morale boost to the Redbirds and we’ll see the NL Central heat up a bit. First we need to get to .500, but with plenty of games left and only 6.5 games behind the Brewers, and 5 behind the Cubs, August and September could prove very interesting.

In other Redbirds related news, two evenings ago I saw the SKAtalites play at the World Music stage at the Sziget festival, and there in the crowd on an island of 40,000+ people, I found the lone other Cardinals fan:
redbirds in the crowd
[full-size on Flickr]