yankee stadium blur

Earlier this week I finally made it out to Yankee Stadium – The Stadium – for the first time, to see a tension-laden, one could even say downright aggressive, standoff between the Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Of course, when I say aggressive, I’m not talking about the teams – sure the Yankees were aggressive early on hitting two home runs off Wakefield in as many innings – but the crowd! My lordy! I’ve never felt so threatened for my personal space and my company’s security, while supposedly enjoying an American pastime sport, than this past Monday evening! And it wasn’t all New York fans, don’t get me wrong.

Because of the proximity and history of these two towns and teams, there’s a lot of banter from both sides. Well there’s banter and then there’s downright slander: “Fuck Boston!” Me, I’m a Cardinals fan! I went with my buddy Dan Mulcare and at one point he asked, but isn’t there a deep rivalry between the Cardinals and the Chicago Cubs, don’t St. Louis fans act the same? No! Absolutely not! We cheer when the opposing team’s pitcher is pulled from the game after he pitches us 7 shutout innings! Because we recognize he’s that good! I like to see good baseball, and my definition of that is baseball that achieves some sophistication and amazement. “Boston Sucks” t-shirts are about as puerile as they come, and to be a middle-aged man wearing that to a public sporting event, well, need I say more? (However, I will add, the Mets are Pond Scum – that’s for you Josh!)

I saw a good dozen fights break out and my party reckon that somewhere between 60 to 100 people got ejected from the game that day. It was pure ruckus.

But back to the Stadium. Like I say this was my first time there and I’m starting to become interested in the presence of stadiums. Yankee Stadium from the outside feels trapped, condensed. There’s no open swathe of land surrounding it. There’s no way to really step back from it, to take it in. The train buzzes above and trees block lines of sight all around; shadows from nearby buildings cut the light and there’s no opening through/into the stadium to be seen from street level. Instead baseball-themed shops surround part of the Stadium. But once you get in the Stadium, that sense of density disappears and makes way for an incredible openness. The Stadium almost feels like it’s the only thing on the planet; you can barely see anything outside of the Stadium except for a small pack of mid-rise apartment complexes and the occasional train passing between a sliver of space out beyond right-center field. Suddenly you forget about anything but baseball. And once the sun sets, a capacity crowd of over 55,000 helps one focus their attention to the matters at hand.

And as you probably guessed from my telling of Wakefield’s early beating, unfortunately the Bosox lost, 6-2. Dan wasn’t too happy with the results.

(Meanwhile my team rebounded from a five-game loosing streak to sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates for three tonight back in the new Busch Stadium, which is great. After tonight Molina is hitting above .300 and Eckstein, Pujols and now Encarnacion upon his return are all starting to show signs of improved hitting. Bottom line is we’re hungry. A sweep of the Nationals starting tomorrow would really boost morale and if Chicago and Houston both loose their next couple games could put us in 2nd within a half-dozen games behind the Brewers.)

My first full beard finally met its match: spring is here!

Spring has been here for some time actually, but I was apprehensive to depart with something which took so long to acquire and was so attached to me – it’s on my face after all! Additionally, I have yet to see myself with a beardless face and my new otchkies, so that still makes me a little nervous!

Shaving off the long hair really brought out the red and white of the roots. It also makes me look a full decade younger, even though I’m not that old to begin with! Oddly, if I was to shave the stubble off now, I’d look another decade younger, something I’ve always been amazed with the ability of my face and its features to achieve. Truly… odd!

normal longbeard
normal trim


the Peter Fischli & David Weiss opening was at the Swiss Institute this past week, presenting ‘Books, Editions and the Like’ (i.e. posters & video). Some really great paper works are on view here, simple but amazing uses of prints, books, drawings, found images, etc. Got me thinking again – and excited for – about the possibility of basic paper-based work and how simple selection-processes can go a long way and actually form a cornerstone of one’s practice.

fischli weiss 1
fischli weiss 2


I only just realized yesterday I’m not working this weekend, so I’m taking a quick trip out of town this weekend, to a farm upstate, ahead of a grudgingly looooooong work-week next week of around 50+ hours. They have a pool and two huge labradors and fresh chicken eggs and a newly-acquired Xbox 360. It will be a tough life for a few days. Point is I won’t be blogging for that time – I might be drafting things but you won’t see any activity around here for a good 3-4 days. Enjoy your weekend everybody – I’ll see ya when I see ya!