Testing the time lapse functionality of the Polaroid XS100 attached to my Bianchi’s drop handlebars during a 16.1 mile bike ride through western Queens on 20151024 – the route map can be seen below.

Time Lapse is set to 30 seconds, which is too far between images to get a real sense of distance or surroundings; I’ll change that next time. But the buildings seen are pretty typical of this quadrant of Queens, a mix of industrialized areas and mixed-use buildings with some densely residential blocks; alongside major pieces of infrastructure like freeways and bridges, underpasses, etc.

Video on the XS100 can be set to 1920x1080p but still images are taken at a 4:3 ratio of 4608×3456 (16MP) at 72dpi; it’s weird to me that the sensor is set to different formats for video and still images, but whatever.