materials after the talk

There was a talk at work earlier tonight and no matter how moved or excited I am by the talk and the discussions I invariably find myself more intrigued by the scattered array of the materials needed to make the talk and discussion, the juxtaposition and layout of tools, materials, wires, etc. that are used in order to fabricate events and which motivate human interaction and activity. Indeed if there were no wires, no computers, no projectors, people wouldn’t even show up anymore – we used to gather around campfires, now we gather around 2Ghz processors and 2500 lumens projectors. However don’t get me wrong, I’m completely in favor of the analog interpretation of this idea also: the notion reminds me of a piece I made for an exhibition in a domicile in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn last year, where I raked the basement dirt floor and exhibited all the found items, remnants of years, decades even, of previous activities:

Home is Where the Art is