pathmark bag

sometime next week, or later this week, or sometime eventually, I’ll have some sort of interview, Q&A, and images regarding my ‘BAGS’ book that I was hoping would have been published sometime mid-last year.

For those who don’t know, the book had gotten up to around 430 pages, and then the hard drive which stored all of the digital files (high-res 300dpi TIFF files, and converted PDF files, around 50Gigs of data) failed suddenly, just before I left for Budapest last summer. Since then, I haven’t had the funds to recover the data – OnTrack Data Recovery, one of the world’s leading specialists, has quoted me $800, or more than one month’s rent!

But word of the book and my obsessive collections has gotten around, as well as word of the failed hard drive and thus the failed work (for now), and so The Editors of Private Circulation, an e-zine that seems to have just started up, sent me some questions ranging from my archive aspirations to my emotions regarding digital death. Their intentions are stated on their blog:

THE IDEA is to collect and distribute proposals for texts and artworks that, for various reasons, cannot be realized—or were never meant to be.

They requested some new scans of the bags which will hopefully be published in the next issue, alongside some of my answers to their questions. They maintain a blog but don’t publish online, so the only way to receive the bulletin is via email (subscribe here). I’m not sure what to make of it all really, but I like zines, e-zines, PDFs and circulations, oh and it will feature some of my work! I guess that’s worthy of a blog post!

Other bags yet to be realized:

sainsburys bagNYPL bagnice day bagCL Lighting bagApple SoHo bagCIS bagQMA bagssnake aalphabets bagRobert May bag

and if you’re interested to help me recover the data from this failed hard drive, so that some day soon I might be able to self-publish this book, I’d be more than happy to accept some donations at this point! I’d go so far as to offer a deduction from the cost of the book equal to the value of your donation! Cmon people I’m desperate for this data already!

donate $5!

donate $20! schweeet!