while I’m still busy making models for the BPNY project opening at the Sziget Festival in just 10 days now, I stumbled upon this real-world inspiration:

power tower and vines

one of the premises of the imagined city of “BudapestNewYork” is that it has gardens, suspended gardens, hanging gardens, greenery, vines, imagined foliage, in every nook and cranny of the urban landscape. buildings aren’t just buildings but have bridges running between which vines and various greens cling to and call home.

power lines it seems are no different.

actually, one thing I’ve learned is that this Earth is a pretty fascinating place. take the Wulingyuan National Park which was recently featured in the NYTimes, or any of the other wondrous places of this planet, and chances are if it’s something you can imagine then something akin to it might already exist!

so the imagined city of BudapestNewYork isn’t that far-fetched, really. In fact, it’s manifestation is right around the corner.

[full-size Power Tower & Vines photo on my Flickr]