Say what you will about drones and failed foreign policy (I care about one of those things, not the other) but c’mon, paid maternity and paternity leave, did you ever think you’d hear a POTUS even uttering the thought?

Bottom line is: Conservatives Can’t Keep Up.

For all the rhetoric of Obama’s “ineffective” governance, where is the policy rebuttal? Outrage at even one of these agenda items would be laser-focused and intense, but because he’s pushing the envelope on so many fronts they simply can’t focus. Remember all the outrage at Cuba? Immigration? Climate deal with China? Yeah, thought so. People are so “outraged” at all those things yet unable to do anything about it or even suggest an alternative. They’re only against that; they know not what they’re for.

Talk about ineffective governing, I’m reminded of the “Decider in Chief” not knowing how to make a decision and the repercussions of that inaction.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s SotU speech.