have been knockin’ the ol’ email ball back and forth on the ethercourt with my friend and fellow artist Karen D’Amico (whom, I might add, is a big inspiration behind founding this blog!), and she informed me of a show organising in the UK by another artist, Craig Atkinson. The show is called POST IT . another art exhibition.

immediately interested in the ‘about’ statement, i scrolled the list of available works to choose from. of the couple of thousand of works to choose from, i instantly scrolled to and my eyes fixed upon ‘Studio Interior’ by S J Peploe (number 910), whom I subsequently found a Wikipedia entry on. I was intrigued by the title, as it has direct relations with recent work, and overlaps with work I have been developing for years.

I instantly thought to produce a collage: I’ve always considered the studio as a space and indeed the ‘practice’ within it to be a type of collage.

postitpostit another art exhibition

I have been photographing and documenting my studio spaces extensively for nearly 3 years now. What I liked about this piece was I didn’t have to ‘make art’, in a way it was already there: I simply went back through my plethora of available images of my current studio space, selected random objects out of these images, shrunk them down to be small enough to compile on an A5 sheet of paper, printed them off, cut them out and taped them in place. simple.

now all that is left to do is drop it in the post!

I like the thought of my studio travelling through the post, unknown, to appear in someone else’s mailbox and then be presented in an exhibition. Pretty punk, even today.